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The beauty of Coto in the morning

Cau My cliff

Some people say they come to Coto Island for the romance. Others say they come to Coto Island to feel alive again.  Truth be told, no day is the same on this beautiful island. The beauty of Coto in the morning can be summarized in one word: awakening. For more information:  you can click: Violet cruises halong bay

Beautiful beaches

Coto has two famous beaches: Van Chay and Hong Van. Van Chay beach is located 6 km away from Coto town. It is called the most pristine location of the island. Van Chai beach is known for its white sand and clear blue water.  People can go to Van Chay beach by renting a motorbike or using the tourist tuk tuk. The waves on this beach can measure up to 2 or 3 meters, making it quite ideal for light surfing experience.

Rising tide on Van Chai beach

Rising tide on Van Chai beach- source: internet

Hong Van is a bit further away: 7km. People use different words to describe the breath-taking sights of Hong Van: peaceful, tranquil, pure, undisturbed, and calming. Unlike Van Chay, Hong Van has calm waves; some people say its waves resemble that of a lake.

Morning on Hong Van beach

Morning on Hong Van beach- source: internet

Let Coto’s morning wash away your stress and worry with its various shades of colors: shades of blues and purple for the sky of dawn, shades of green and turquoise for the calming sea water, and even the shades of smile from Coto’s friendly locals.

Cau My cliff

Not only morning beauty should be enjoyed on the beach, it should be admired from Cau My cliff as well. It is truly a creation of nature with layers of sedimentary rock and coral reef on the bed of blue sea. Cau My area is considered the most epic scene among this archipelago.

Some people call this cliff ‘the valley of love’. We couldn’t agree more. This cliff has inspired thousands of pictures of romantic couples and nature photographers. Dragon Pearl Junk halong

Cau My cliff

Cau My cliff -source: internet

The services

Coto Island is a sleeping beauty. There are enough services for travellers to feel welcomed and convenient, but definitely not to the point of Danang or Nha Trang where the wild of nature is heavily exploited. Everything on this island is very affordable and free wifi is available all over the island.

Coto Eco Lodge

Coto Eco Lodge – source: internet

It is highly recommended that you spend at least 2 nights on Coto island. There are several options for you to choose from if you look for accommodation: eco lodges, bungalows, hotels, and even homestays. Some of these accommodations are only 20 steps away from the sea. Popular water sports like kayaking, diving, beach volleyball, and squid fishing, etc. are also available.

And let’s not forget about the delicious food this island can offer. You will be expecting a sea food feast that can either be arranged in your hotels or ideally, on the beach, while watching the sun being engulfed by the big blue sea.

Compared to other major tourist spots in Vietnam, Coto is quite low-key. The military presence on Co To means that a permit is needed for foreign travellers before the trip. However, it is 100% doable if you contact travel agencies in Hanoi for assistance. The beauty of Coto in the morning is worth this little hassle. Every morning, you will feel that you are born again. Explore Coto’s untamed nature at its finest with a trip of your lifetime.

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