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Why choose Vietnam for summer holidays

Binh Hung is really an attractive destination for you

They are Binh Hung, Binh Lap, Binh Tien and Binh Ba which are called “Four Binh”. Being named as Small Maldives in Vietnam, “Four Binh” will attract and make you fascinated at the first seeing. With white and smooth sandbank and blue water, “Four Binh” are really wonderful destinations for you this summer. Let’s prepare

Hai Au Aviation – Seaplane service in Vietnam

Hai Au Aviation Cessna 208 at Noi Bai Airport

Established 6 years ago, Hai Au Aviation realized the lack of supply in the demand for luxury travel experiences in Vietnam and made a decision to invest in Amphibian aircraft intending to show from the air the gorgeous charm of Vietnam and whisking passengers to exotic places in just the blink of an eye. Thanks

Halong Bay cruises for your 2017 holidays

Aphrodite Cruises

If you are looking for the best way to take you and your family to the stalactites and stalagmites of the limestone cave, the overnight cruise is such a great answer. Let’s check out top Halong Bay cruises for your 2017 holidays!DRAGON LEGEND CRUISE – MOST UNIQUE ROUTE CRUISE Hitting the mark for travelers who

How to get to Mui Ne from Phan Rang

Mui Ne-a lovely town well worth your time

About 5 hour ride to the east of Ho Chi Minh City, Mui Ne is a lovely beach resort town well known for its relaxed aptmosphere, sand dunes, kitesurfing as well as many interesting watersports and great night spots. If you are spending time in Phan Rang, don’t miss to go to Mui Ne. It

Ninh Binh- the heaven in May

Trang An landscape complex

Located just over an hour drive from Hanoi – Ninh Binh is good choice if you want to take a short trip in May especially the summer is coming. With royal relics caves and pristine rivers, Ninh Binh has everything and is one of the most beautiful places you never ever been before and you

Off The Beaten Track Experiences To Enjoy In Southeast Asia

Vietnam's majestic north

The little village you discovered may be swarming with visitors the next time around and what was once an empty beach might be covered in resorts and hotels on your return visit, Southeast Asia is a region that is constantly changing. But don’t worry! It is still possible to have off-track experiences in this popular

Things may sound strange in Danang

Challenge your motorbike driving skill on Hai Van Pass

Many people strictly head to Danang to tackle the mighty Marble Mountains, explore the Museum of Cham Sculpture and relax on the beautiful beaches. But is it all that Danang has to offer? It is certainly no. Believe or not, there are many things that people in Danang do everyday even they might sound crazy.

How long does it take to travel from Hanoi to Halong Bay?

From Hanoi to Halong Bay by joining in a tour

Halong Bay, lying in the Gulf of Tonkin in the Northeastern part of Vietnam, appears as a graceful picture with green islands and blue water harmonied together. Recognized as a World Natural Heritage, Halong Bay is the fascination of many tourists to come to visit Vietnam. Indochina travel tours How far is it from Hanoi

Travel Tips for Hanoi Tours in Summer

Rain in summer

In some photos taken in a typical summer day in Hanoi, you should have found it really charming how the sun shines through the evergreen trees like fountains of magic light from the sky. Yes, it is exactly the look of summer here in Hanoi. However, the feel of it is a completely different story.

The beauty of Coto in the morning

Cau My cliff

Some people say they come to Coto Island for the romance. Others say they come to Coto Island to feel alive again.  Truth be told, no day is the same on this beautiful island. The beauty of Coto in the morning can be summarized in one word: awakening. For more information:  you can click: Violet cruises