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Co To island- the best choice for holidays

Cau Thu Mi rock plain in Co To
Visiting Co To, Dong beach is a best destination you can enjoy. Tourists can not only bathe in the sea, but also make camps or go squid fishing with local fishermen. It is so amazing to make camps up there to enjoy fresh air, sea clean, blue sea, and white sand. There are definitely tourists want to do when coming here. Although this island is a little bit far but smooth sands, sapphire blue water are definitely best choice for tourist’s summer retreat and find it a lovely island.  Indochina travel agency

The locals are catching clams in Co To

The locals are catching clams in Co To -source: internet

Besides some beautiful beaches in Co To Con Island, tourists can reach the so-called “paradise” on Co To by tram. You can enjoy the great scenery on the top of the mountain. There are indeed few places are endowed with many amazing sites. You can admire the beauty of endless green and fields of young rice. All of these wake up a poetic landscape. The sea and mountain are so close to each other. After passing the casuarina- free forest, you will see the whole view of the sea below and the cliffs lined up together, making interesting shapes. Cau Thu My- a rock plain, is such a strange name for tourists, but looking down from here, you can see a lot of beautiful multi-layered stone canyons. Co To is not only famous for the beautiful beaches but also high cliffs. It is wonderful and relaxing to climb up a high cliffs to enjoy the scenery with all your senses. Visiting here in the late autumn, you will have chance to take part in with locals in picking pandanus. The locals use it to cure some diseases like those related to the liver, kidney and so on. It will be so lovely if you can take it back as a present. Dragon Pearl cruises

Cau Thu Mi rock plain in Co To

Cau Thu Mi rock plain in Co To- source: internet

Thanks to its stunning landscapes, rich flora and fauna system, Co To has become a popular destination for tourists to explore. The sea has stayed the same for centuries. It brings the locals living here variety kinds of seafood so they can live comfortably. Walking along the beach and enjoy the amazing sceneries here, you have to say thank you to Nature Mother and more than 5000 locals who are working hard and trying to protect this island. In the future, Co To will become a tourist paradise in the North. Don’t make it waiting you so long.

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