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Con Dao – one of ten most mysterious island in the world.

Con Dao, the paradise island on earth

Located in the south of west sea, Con Dao is blessed with sixteen tropical islands. Known for turtle breeding, magnificent granite cliffs, dark history in the past, Con Dao appeared in the first place in the list of the most mysterious islands in the world(by Travel and Leisure) promises a lot of mystery to tourists in the world. Con Dao – one of ten most mysterious island in the world will tell you reasons why you need to plan immediately your trip to Con Dao to get a perfect vacation. Travel to Con Dao with: Indochina travel

Con Dao, the paradise island on earth

Con Dao, the paradise island on earth- source: internet

Con Dao is famous for its crystal-clear blue beaches and pristine offering a perfect vacation for travel lovers. The tourism potential of this island is being exploited strongly. If you have never been to a convenient place to rest before, this is a deserted area, now along the smooth white sand, stretching 50 luxurious, airy villas ready to serve visitors. Many bars are open in Con Dao town center to cater to tourists, while the Six Senses resort on the island is internationally rated. According to Travel and Leisure, Con Dao is the ideal destination to enjoy seafood in Vietnam. The food here is very fresh and plentiful. You can enjoy from 5-star restaurant or buy fresh ingredients and grill right on the seaside by yourself. Halong bay Treasure Junk

Enjoy fresh lobsters in Con Dao

Enjoy fresh lobsters in Con Dao- source: internet

The most special point of travelling this marvelous spot is that you can rent a motorbike, find a guide who is native guide to visit the sights on the island. You do not want to miss the opportunity to visit the 19th century hilltop lighthouse and the famous Bay of Trees, or take part in activities such as scuba diving to explore coral reefs. With about 285 plant species and more than 100 bird species, mammals such as ducula bicolor, salangnes nest, cheloniidae, eretmochelys,… Con Dao is hidden a perfect beauty with blue sea and white sandy beaches with calm weather through all the year. Around the island, exploring tropical jungle or relaxing on pristine white sandy beaches with a view of rare species of tortoises will be an experience not easy to get.

Con Dao in glomorous sunset time

Con Dao in glomorous sunset time- source: internet

Con Dao also bring spritual meaning with famous historical sites as sorrows of life. Historical witnesses are present in tiger caves, Phu Hai prison, Phu Binh camp, Hang Duong Cemetery, Revolutionary museum. These historical reminds everyone about the value of freedom, war scars but none of envy. From named “living hell on earth” by the French colonialism and American imperialism, Con Dao rapidly became an alluring destination for tourists worldwide to discover.  The local people believe that it’s because God made great Con Dao after all suffering that this place has experienced in its history.

Con Dao in peaceful moment in present

Con Dao in peaceful moment in present- source: internet

Nowadays, Con Dao is one of star attractions in Vietnam travel map with striking natural beauty and various travel services ready to make your perfect vacation. Con Dao – one of ten most mysterious island in the world hopes to give you the first remote and utterly beautiful image of Con Dao that will turn into your real plan to help you have rare experiences you can not find elsewhere.

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