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Most Fun Things To Do In Coto Island

Van Chay, one of the most beautiful beaches in Coto Island
Lying in the East of Van Don island, Quang Ninh Province, Coto is one of the most pristine attractions with over 50 islands, little and giant rocks heaving in the pure blue sea water. You can take a bus at My Dinh Bus Station from Hanoi to arrive at Van Don from the morning to the afternoon. Next, get on a boat to travel to Thanh Lan Island, which is close to Coto Island. At the first step onto the charmingly pretty Coto, you can’t imagine how fresh and relaxing it is! Sooner or later, you just can’t help but stay longer after discovering so many fun things to do in Coto Island. To get more information, you can click:  Dragon Pearl Junk halong

nighlight in Co To island

nighlight in Co To island- source: internet

You’ll Love the view
from the Lighthouse of Coto Island

Situated at a height of 118m from the ocean level, the historic lighthouse station in Coto Island owns a panoramic view of the island sceneries, which is absolutely the best! In order to arrive there, try to pass through the steep bends and go up 72 stairs to the top. “The roof of the island” will allow the tourists to glance across the beach stretched out below where people are swimming between the white beautiful waves. All of these simply take your breath away!

Enjoy a delightful view from the lighthouse of Coto Island

Enjoy a delightful view from the lighthouse of Coto Island- source: internet

You’ll Love

Walking up The Love Road holding hands

Do not miss a chance to create a romantic moment with your lover on a road of love here – one of the most worth-to-try things to do in Coto Island. It takes you 100m from Coto center to meet this road, which is paved with red bricks and naturally stretching along the coastline. Amusingly, there are a lot of poplar trees in two sides, making all things look more romantic and poetic for any couple who wants to choose this place to take their wedding pictures. jahan cruise mekong

A couple walk up the Love Road holding hands

A couple walk up the Love Road holding hands- source: internet

BBQ party On The Beach

As one of the most beautiful spots in Coto Island, Nam Hai beach is where the tourists can freely join different water activities, and even have a special BBQ party on the white sand. Besides other great things to do in Coto Island, enjoying a fresh seafood as such in a romantic style is definitely the coolest! Also, Nam Hai beach is an ideal place to view the gorgeous moonlight as the sun goes down.

You’ll Love

Stay at Wooden Houses On The Beach

Coto Island’s wooden houses can’t be missed even once when you’ve got the intention to visit this place. The room costs average of 22 USD per person, followed by other great services such as offering means of transport and holding BBQ party on the beach. Do it in the summertime for an unforgettable experience with your friends and family.

You’ll Love

Relax on Van Chay Beach

Van Chay, one of the most beautiful beaches in Coto Island

Van Chay, one of the most beautiful beaches in Coto Island- source: internet

Van Chay beach is renowned for its crystal and clean water as well as sloping and fine sandy position. The waves here go from 2 to 3m high, absolutely the best for any tourist to swim and play around without feeling any danger. In such a wonderful nature, the tourists can go kayaking, diving, or enjoy the amazing view of the colorful fishes weaving in the seaweed in every wave.

Waking up early to enjoy the dawn, heading to the lighthouse to contemplate the beautiful view of the island, or swimming around at Van Chay beach, etc. All of these things to do in Coto island are fascinating enough to keep yourself away from bustle and hustle. Now go to explore by yourself!

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