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How to climb Fansipan mountain

Fansipan is a dream of many adventure lovers
For those who love adventure, and adventurous feelings, Conquering Fansipan gradually becomes a strong desire. On your trip conquering Fansipan peak, you will also have a chance to discover the beautiful stretch of road in Sapa tourism and the fascinating nature of Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range. Standing at the altitude of 2.400m, you seemly touch the cloud nearby when the wind blends with the forest. From a height of 2.800m, you can realize the sudden disappearance of the clouds and the replacement of the cloudless blue sky. It is the blowing wind that makes the vegetation fit itself into the rocks. Covered the ground is the dwarf bamboo thickets at the height of around 25-30cm with flyaway leaves on treetop. Tours in Indochina Voyages

Fansipan is a dream of many adventure lovers

Fansipan is a dream of many adventure lovers- source: internet

From September to March annually is the appropriate time for climbing. Yet late February when the flowers start blooming along the mountain is the most fascinating path to Fansipan. In this season, travel to Sapa may be the most enchanting. All mountaineers wanting to successfully conquer the highest peak have to be properly equipped with many things such as food, raincoat, compass, sleeping bags, waterproof tents together with other miscellaneous survival gear. In particular, on your journey up to the mountain peak, you will definitely see a landmark 2,963m above sea level served as an evidence of the conquer of the French in 1905. A huge stone blocks located a little higher, which was established by the small stones stacking each other, is the Fansipan peak.

Standing between heaven and earth, Fansipan, which is considered as the Rooftop of Vietnam and Indochina, has challenged any climbing enthusiasts. For any travelers, a journey conquering Fansipan Mountain will surely be one of the most memorable experiences. Significantly promoting the image of Sapa travel to foreign friends, Fansipan plays an important role in this area’s tourism. centre vietnam travel tours

Amazing experience on cable car to Fansipan Peak

Cable car to Fansipan peak

Cable car to Fansipan peak-source: internet

Amazingly, now, you can easily conquer the top of Fansipan. Just have a seat tight in a cabin of a cable car and you will reach the top of Indochina almost in the blink of an eye. Time to reach Fansipan has been shortened to only 15minutes instead of two days as before. Recently opened to the public, the cable route has welcomed tens thousands of travelers coming to Sapa to make their dream of admiring, conquering and exploring the highest Indochina peak come true.

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