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Stunning Vietnamese desserts for summer

Avocado Sweet Porridge

Summer is an ideal time to visit Vietnam and enjoy a lot of awesome specialties and desserts. Here is the list of the best dishes you should not miss when going to Vietnam in summer. Indochina travel Vietnam

  1. White Jelly Cubes Sweet Porridge
White Jelly Cubes Sweet Porridge

White Jelly Cubes Sweet Porridge- source: internet

Becoming popular right after it appeared in Hanoi, white jelly cubes sweet porridge is not a trend but a favorite. Now, Hanoians still love this attractive dish to get rid of the summer heat. What make white jelly cubes sweet porridge famous for the cooling effect, the delicious taste and health benefits are the freshness of fruits, the cool and fragrant cubes of white jelly (made from milk), the nutty flavor of almonds and the aroma of grapefruit flowers. north vietnam tours packages

  1. Douhua – Soy Milk
Avocado Sweet Porridge

Avocado Sweet Porridge- source: internet

Simply made from Douhua, soy milk together with some pieces of black jelly, Douhua soy milk is a really popular and familiar rustic dish. Douhua – Soy Milk also has many other variations which are a little bit more complicated, such as soy milk chocolate, soy milk carrot, soy milk coffee, etc. Delicious, cool and especially cheap, Douhua soy milk is always among the best dishes for summer in Vietnam that you should not miss upon your visit to Vietnam.

  1. Avocado Sweet Porridge

A cylindrical piece of avocado jelly with the cool green color is actually all that is included in a bowl of avocado jelly, which is served with milk and coconut milk. Made from these slices of fresh avocado grinded with milk and black jelly leaves, this sweet porridge still keeps the slight and natural flavor. Not only cool and delicious but also nutritious, avocado sweet porridge is an awesome choice for hot summer days.

  1. Coconut Ice-cream
Coconut ice-cream

Coconut ice-cream-source: internet

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