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Travel to Co To island, you shouldn’t miss

squid in Co To island
When traveling Co To island you not only be enjoy immersed in the cool blue water of the beautiful beaches of the island or romantic moments on the way love and other famous places of the island. You also have the opportunity to enjoy delicious specialties here. You can read more: Alova Gold cruise halong bay
In Co To island, there are five squid,and three types of ink for you to enjoy. Among the most delicious and well-known toner is the Chinese squid, which is a large squid body with a 35-40 cm long body. Although this is the type of ink distributed along the coast of Vietnam from north to south, but when enjoying this ink on Co To island, when enjoying this squid in Co To island will taste distinctive distinctive distinctive with enjoy in other regions. The explanation for this difference has been suggested by many in Co To Island, where microalgae are suitable for marine species, making a difference.
When coming to Co To is not strange anymore. This is a seafood crab look but the larger the body, the longer the slimmer and more expensive than the crab. And crabs. Cu is processed into many different dishes such as roasted meats, cooked noodles, grilled charcoal is very delicious and delicious.
travel to Co To island

travel to Co To island- source: internet

When you come to Co To Island you have the opportunity to enjoy the abalone-1 of the precious seafood of this beautiful waters. Abalone, also known as snail, is rich in high levels of minerals, with magnesium and selenium, which help fight cancer. The fish can be processed into a variety of dishes such as porridge soup. Stewed or fried in combination with other ingredients such as sauerkraut, spring onion, oyster sauce, abalone pudding, abalone and lean pork meat.

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When you first hear the name has made many people curious about its name. But if you go to Co To and enjoy this special snail, you are not too hard to explain. The name of this snail is derived from the shape of our hat, so the fishermen here have the same name. Some people even call her a snail or snail. This snail is cool, easy to eat and has a lot of good nutrients for the body.
squid in Co To island

squid in Co To island- source: internet

Snails that boil or bake are the simplest and easiest to make. When eating snails cone grill will sit around the oven cooking and experience eagerly waiting for each cooked snail smell fragrant on the fire. When boiling snail people will quickly turn the snail to ripen, snails boiled ginger sauce sauce is indeed very good.

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