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Travel Tips for Hanoi Tours in Summer

Rain in summer
In some photos taken in a typical summer day in Hanoi, you should have found it really charming how the sun shines through the evergreen trees like fountains of magic light from the sky. Yes, it is exactly the look of summer here in Hanoi. However, the feel of it is a completely different story. Hereunder are some facts about Hanoi’s summer that you should know before coming to Vietnam. For more information, you can click: Travel Indochina

  1. The same temperature, but hotter
Summer morning in Hanoi

Summer morning in Hanoi- source: internet

In summer, Hanoi’temperature is very high with the average temperature of 32 degree Celsius, lasting from May until August with July being the hottest month. 42.8 degree is the highest temperature ever recorded. And it feels even hotter here due to the extremely high humidity. Over the course of a typical July, the relative humidity ranges from 62% (mildly humid) to 97% (very humid). The closer it is going to rain, the more humid and steamier it gets. When travelling in winter, you should need a light jacket, in summer, when the weather is quite hot, it is a must to wear long and cool clothes.

  1. Speaking of rain, heavy rain is another characteristic of Hanoi summer
What to know about summer in Hanoi

What to know about summer in Hanoi- source: internet

The rainy season starts in February, hits its peak during April and continues until the very end of August. Therefore, get ready  for thunderstorm in usually late afternoon and night and the blazing sun during the day. One thing you are being all sticky and sweaty,next thing you know, it is raining cats and dogs. Explore how extreme summer in Hanoi is! Many people might think that for Vietnamese locals, it would be only frequent daily event because they are used to it. Even though true, it does not mean that they like it. Halong bay Treasure Junk

  1. In fact, Hanoians are not big fans of summer at all

Truly speaking, actually, Hanoi citizens never really get used to the summer’s climate. Here’s why:

Rain in summer

Rain in summer- source: inetrnet

1) Using heat from the sun at noon, you can cook beef and make scrambled egg;

2) Not all people have an air conditioner at their homes, thus, then they have to use electric fans which blow out hot steamy wind, making the situations even much worse;

3) Having considered that many Vietnamese like to have fair skin, and then, it gets you burnt which is not a really good look;

4) Even not having to go to the bathroom, you sweat so much that your body is always covered with water;

5) In this really hot weather, Pho (beef noodle soup) is not even an ideal option. And you know how Vietnamese in general and Hanoians in particular love Pho (!);

6) Global warming

The incredible heat makes doing everything a chore. When the sun is up, almost no one wants to get down to the streets. That is the reason why people compensate for it by crowding up the city when sun goes down.

  1. Hanoi nightlife

Hanoi Old Quarter, St. Joseph Cathedral and Hoan Kiem Lake are among the busiest spots of the capital city at night. After such a long uncomfortable sunny day, some people exercise around breezy lakes, some gather with friends for a beer or iced tea while others just take out their scooters and wander the city. No matter what you want to do, just get out of your house for some fresh air. Cool wind should be enough to refresh your mind and body for the next same cycle.

Tourist sites and Destination of Hanoi city tours


Hanoi Old Quarter

Hanoi Old Quarter- source: internet

  • With houses, streets still standing with architecture from the late 19th century, Hanoi Old Quarter is considered the distinctive look of the capital city. In addition, Hanoi Old Quarter is also a center of many famous, delicious dishes at reasonable rate.
  • An area associated with the history of the nation, Hoan Kiem Lake – Sword Lake is seen as flowers in the heart of the capital. In summer, in cool surroundings you can enjoy Trang Tien ice cream or gracefully beside Hoan Kiem Lake.

After reading all of the information above, you might have figured that the best time to come to Hanoi is not summer. Certainly! However, fortunately, Hanoi will always welcome you and if you accept the heat, you might be surprised of how much Hanoi has to offer. Keep waiting for more! Meanwhile make sure to stay hydrated and sun proof.

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