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Vietnam’s islands: where to go for peace

Binh Hung Island
With most of its 90 million people living along a long coastal strip, it’s all too easy to discover Vietnam –a very densely populated country through a blur of exhaust fumes, getting along Highway 1 and stopping off at the most famous cities and towns along the way. Since it is a lot to take in, you can spend time away from the mainland, on one of the beautiful islands which are fast attracting travelers. For more information you can click: Vietnam travel Indochina

  1. 1. Phu Quy Island
Phu Quy Island

Phu Quy Island- source: internet

Phu Quy District, which houses 10 small islands, with Phu Quy Island being the biggest in pristine condition, is an ideal tourist destination for holiday-makers. As from the southwest direction, the islet looks like a cod emerging from the sea, it is locally called Hon Thu or Mackerel Island.

Phu Quy has remained its natural features – the water is teeming with sea life and the warm sand glistens with shells and coral. Contrast to its tiny size, this islet has huge unexploited tourist potential. Even though it still has no rated hotels, travelers can enjoy a peaceful night under the starry sky and discover nearby caves or can eat fresh fish and fragrant corn cobs grilled over a roaring campfire. Coconut orchards provide coconut milk and copra for meals and shade for camping. According to locals, around Phu Quy the sea floor is covered with coral and rocks that are home to many sea creatures making diving possibility more attractive. Surrounding this island are white sandy beaches and 9 islets, among which Hon Trung, Hon Den, Hon Tranh, are attractive aqua tourist sites. Halong Bay luxury cruise

  1. Binh Ba Island
Binh Ba Island

Binh Ba Island- source: internet

Located about 60km from Nha Trang, Binh Ba Island whose name derives from the outpost position of the island on Cam Ranh Bay: it’s like a front door of the bay is a rather new destination on the tourist map. As being one of these places welcoming the earliest dawn in Vietnam, Binh Ba gazes attract from travelers with the wild charm of the island.

When coming to this beautiful island, no one wants to miss visiting the stunning coral reefs and taking part in sea diving. With these pristine coral reefs, the pure blue water and the low sea level, the Nha Cu Beach in Binh Ba is an ideal destination to go swimming with colorful fishes and see the coral reefs.

In addition, adventurers can find it amazing to go along the mountainside to discover such untouched relics such as bunkers, artillery, etc. Meanwhile, natural beauty lovers can watch the grandeur range of stone, the cliffs or other exotic caves or take a small walk along the seashore to collect the colorful snail shells. If possible, just try to get on the top of the radar station to have the jaw-dropping bird-eye view of Binh Ba Island.

  1. Binh Hung Island
Binh Hung Island

Binh Hung Island- source: internet

It is a 10-minute boat ride from the shore and the Island. Right after arriving at the island, you will be attracted by the color of the white sandy beaches and blue sea. Though not being as long and wide as Nha Trang or Mui Ne, the beaches here are always pure and clean to the bottom. Sea here is shallow and gentle and just wading out a few tens of meters, water up to the chest, you can see coral beneath. On this island, people earn their living by fishing, especially nourishing lobster. Their houses are situated in close proximity to the sea direction. Far away is busy shipping trading in fishing ports.

When you are satisfied with the activities of swimming in the sea, it’s time to make a tour of some places like Binh Hung temple, home village of Binh Hung, Ba Temple, the mausoleum Mr. Nam Hai, etc. These are places reserve the traditional cultural identity of coastal communities. Every two years, a festival is organized to dedicate for village and mausoleum, all locals gather together to set up crowded and uproarious activities.

  1. Ba Lua Island
Ba Lua Island

Ba Lua Island- source: internet

Being home to about 45 islands, small and large offshore Kien Luong District, Kien Giang Province, Ba Lua Islands also considered as the Halong Bay of the Mekong Delta. The most famous of the islands are located together, Hon Duong, Hon Duoc and Hon Gieng, forming a shallow bay. As the water is only 80cm deep, during low tide, you are able to wade through the bay from one island to another. There are only a few families living on the islands.

The islands are covered by yearly tranquil and blue beach, whose water is so clear that it is possible to see fish swimming under the sea. Sometimes, you can also see friendly dolphins racing, dancing and even tumbling around the boat. The islands also have a lot of precious animals like snakes, pythons, birds and rare medicinal plants creating biological diversity. Here, the peaceful atmosphere is a perfect space for anyone to enjoy the life and make their best spirit.

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