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Discover the Hue’s unique cuisine through 4 featured colors

An eye-catching dishes in Hue food tour

Hue hosting international festivals to promote cultural diversity, its boosting with colors, with sounds, with smells. You can see women wearing the vibrant color of Vietnamese traditional dress (ao dai). As I am s foodie, so I’m so excited to find out if there is any relation between the colors the food. So follow us- Indochina Voyages in a journey of discovering Hue cuisine colors. To get more information, you can click: 7 days in vietnam tour

What has impressed me the most in this journey to Hue is the diversity of the cuisine. From smells to tastes, cooking techniques that range from simple to highly sophisticated and of course, the variety kinds of colors within the dishes. Imagine if these dishes were only in black and white color, how would that change? A dish that has colors becomes a beautiful one. When looking at an eye-catching dish, people have a better appetite and can better appreciate the quality of the food.

An eye-catching dishes in Hue food tour

An eye-catching dishes in Hue food tour

  1. Romantic purple

Everyone got a strong impression that the dominant color in Hue is purple. It is a color of much significance to the Hue people. For locals, Huong River has been compared to a purple silk ribbon laid across the city of Hue. In creating dishes, you can enjoy this romantic Hue in the purple yam pudding. From some basic ingredients from the countryside like jackfruit, taro, the yam is also very nutritious and considered cooling on the hot days.

The romantic color in Hue yam

The romantic color in Hue yam

  1. Red color- represent authority and the pride of dynasties.

In the citadel’s royal cards, mausoleums, temples and royal constructions of Hue, you can see the prominence red representing authority and the pride of dynasties. According to oriental belief, red also symbolizes luck and stand for bliss excitement, happiness, health and honor. Hue people have added this color skillfully in their diversity cuisine.  A jackfruit cake actually originates from “Banh it”- a specialty of this land. The red color of jackfruit and flour makes exactly the same color as the tomato soup which is very well-known in Poland. Flours and jackfruit infused water are mixed together thick paste to create the cake. In fact, the cake is basically the same as some other dishes, but it is definitely attractive and eye-catching color. There is something special with such a color. It could just be a simple cake with the white color of rice flour but why not make it a fun and color it in this vibrant red.

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  1. Yellow- the power of the King

Hue culture is actually the royal culture. An aspect you can be easily observed is the most constructions are painted with red and gilded. The yellow color signifies the supreme power of the King which no one is forbidden to use. So how about this color in Hue cuisine? Actually, in cuisine, that was not a case. In the culinary arts, there are tons of ingredients that create this color. This can be mung beans, eggs yolk,  the “danh danh” seeds or turmeric. Located in a small corner on Tran Quang Khai street is a small vendor selling a common dish which has this yellow color. Being sold by an elderly, from many kinds of simple ingredients as turmeric, intestine, coriander, it just takes you few minutes, a romantic bowl of turmeric vermicelli is in front of your eyes with an attractive color.

The royal color makes a folk dish more refined

The royal color makes a folk dish more refined

  1. Crystal- the last one on Hue’s cuisine color list

The crystal is one of the most significant colors in Hue cuisine. If you have a chance to visit this land and try rice dumpling cake, it is such a good example for this colors. Among different kinds of Vietnamese sweet soups, the one I’m going to introduce to you now can only be found in this lovely city. This is the sweet soup with chewy meatballs. The cassava dough covers the meatball. This combination of the savory flavor of the meat and sweet flavor of cassava flours creates a distinctive taste and produces a cracking sound inside your mouth. Thanks to its special taste, it was considered one of the three kinds of noble sweet soups brought to the King. Today, this soup has become a popular snack for locals. A small shop of “Mợ Tôn Đích” located in Dinh Tien Hoang street is always crowded and is the oldest brand for this soup. If visiting here, don’t forget to discover this special color of Hue cuisine.

Discovering colors in Hue cuisine journey is definitely an interesting activity when you pay a visit to this romantic land. Simple ingredients but eye-catching colors in each dish will be the factor to keep your soul and heart don’t want to leave.

Many dishes have the folk origins but when they were introduced into the royal cuisine, these ones were transformed to be more refined.

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