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Highlight of Vietnam

Tiny Hoa Trau Ha Giang
Hoa Do QuyenSapa is considered as one of the most popular tourist attractions in this S-shaped country. It is first explored by the French soldier, who lived in Vietnam 1890s to escape the heat in Hanoi and remind them of their hometown. This place has comfortable weather conditions thanks to its high latitude. Signature Cruises halong bay

Native to this place is a beautiful flower shrub, Hoa Do Quyen. If you are from Hongkong, you might find this flower very familiar as it is grown mostly there. Somehow, Hoa Do Quyen has found its way to conquer a new land, Sapa of Vietname. In April, you can see its red colour spearing everywhere there. Especially when Sapa’s temperature at that time is still low, approximately under 13 Celsius degree; the bright and warm colour has significantly contributed to the liveliness of that place.

Hoa Trau

Tiny Hoa Trau Ha Giang

Tiny Hoa Trau Ha Giang- source: internet

Near Sapa is Ha Giang. Perhaps that place is mostly well-known for another kind of flower, Tam Giac Mach. However, Hoa Trau in Ha Giang is still as beautiful as its famous friend. Similar to Hoa Tam Giac Mach, Hoa Trau has a modest and humble beauty with a milky white color. The flowers are mostly very small, they combine together in a bunch of tiny little ones. To me, they look like some snow angels flying in Ha Giang sky. Vietnam tours and packages

Anyway, again, to deeply understand the beauty of those flowers, you should experience in person. Travelling to Vietnam will give you the perfect chance to enjoy these bright flowers. There will be more articles continuing this topic, so please look forward! 8 months with many special and pretty flowers are waiting for you to discover.

Hoa Gia QUy

Hoa Gia Quy – source: internet

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