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Kayaking in Halong Bay – best way to see how imposing this UNESCO Site is

Ti Top beach
Kayak, which is slender as a bamboo leaf glides on the water, is believed to be the best way to see how beautiful and imposing of the natural marvels of Halong Bay is.

Halong Bay – a dream of kayaking lovers

With calm and pretty warm water even in winter, the fine current and the not-too-strong wind, Halong Bay has the ideal conditions for sea kayaking thanks to its thousands of islands. Therefore, it is possible to experience kayaking at anytime of a year. Travel to Halong with: Alova Gold cruises

Halong Bay

Halong Bay -source: internet

Kayaking is both simpler and more experiential but not less amazing than some adventurous games such as water canoeing and parachuting. It is one of the most favorite pastimes of almost travelers to brandish a kayak paddle around Halong Bay –  one of the top 25 world’s best places for experiencing kayaking; listen to the dam’s fish called fishermen to seek for these brand new emotions and melt away the chaos of life.

Paddling through islets with a chance to visit hidden caves, lagoons, tranquil floating fishing villages and less visited beaches, kayaking in Halong Bay, which takes you to those places that other big boats cannot get access to, is the best way to explore the jaw-dropping beauty of Halong Bay. Depending on the length of your trip, you are free to choose one of many kayaking routes and time frames. It will be such a great lifetime experience paddling around the islands, getting closer to the limestone karst and admiring the impressive nature in less known corners of Bai Tu Long Bay. Best indochina tours 

During your kayaking, it is a must to follow your tour guide; doing by yourself without instruction or warning is really dangerous.

Halong Bay kayaking tips

What to pack for kayaking in Halong Bay

  • Life jacket – a must-have item.
  • Suitable clothes: warm clothes in winter; T-shirt and short, swimming suit in summer; dry bag storing camera, insect repellent, hat, wet shoes, sunglasses, bring water, sun cream,

Halong Bay kayaking safety tips

You have to strictly follow your tour guide

You have to strictly follow your tour guide- source: internet

  • Keep a suitable distance with the others
  • Keep away from these laces having strong flow
  • Do not get too close to caves and karsts even if you are an experienced kayaker.
  • Never kayaking while being intoxicated
  • Strictly follow your tour guide, listen to the route, rules and time.
  • Carefully check the weather, wind and tide strength to have the safest route.

Where you can go when kayaking in Halong Bay

Guests will experience the feeling of surfing on the small boat to visit Luon Cave, the pearl farm, Ti Top beach …

Ti Top beach

Ti Top beach

Ti Top beach- source: internet

Only 8 kilometers from the Southeast of Bai Chay Harbor, right in the heart of Halong Bay, Ti Top Island is considered as one of the most stunning spots in Halong for not only domestic but also international travelers. Besides impressive romantic landscapes like other popular tourist sites in Halong, Ti Top Island also has a paradise-like Ti Top beach which is suitable for any beach activities including kayaking. What makes Ti Top Beach especially famous is not its size but its clean water, smooth white sand and fresh atmosphere creating a really great ambiance for you to relax.

Luon Cave

Luon Cave is only visited by a small boat or kayak

Luon Cave is only visited by a small boat or kayak- source: internet

Due to its limited height (2.5 – 4 in height depending on the tide), Luon Cave, which is a perfect combination of natural features including the high biodiversity, the color of clouds and sea waters, rocky cliffs and the mountain’s size and form, is only visited by a small boat or a kayak.

No kayaking lovers should miss Luon Cave, which is ranked as one of the most ideal places for kayaking in Halong Bay. Coming here, you can see a wide variety of plants such as Benjamin’s fig trees, cycads, ferns as well as many beautiful orchids or take many nice photos of mischievous monkeys.

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