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Tips for those traveling by bus for the first time in Vietnam

Traveling by bus is cheap

If you want to travel through Vietnam where flights and rail travel are pretty expensive but lack motorcycle driving skill, bus is the cheapest, most flexible and efficient choice. To get more information, you can click: Tours on Indochina

Reasons to travel by bus in Vietnam

The low-price tickets

Traveling by bus is cheap

Traveling by bus is cheap- source: internet

Like other countries, a bus ride is really cheap, compared with other means of transportation. For example, determined and fixed by transportation firms based on the distance of the routes, the price for an entire bus trip from Hanoi capital city to Ho Chi Minh City is around USD $25-$30 while a flight costs USD $60-80 the date you book and the airlines you choose. You do not have to book tickets in advance. They can easily be purchased at almost any budget travel agencies or hotel receptions. But if you are planning your journey during holiday weekends or peak season, reconfirming your seats is necessary.

The popularity of bus

The well-developed and well-maintained bus system services almost every part of Vietnam making it the most common means yet with the cheapest price for everybody, especially foreign tourists. City routes in Vietnam are mostly served by some sorts of bus route, but do not expect a travelling via these rickety roads to be a beautiful memory. However, after all, a bus tour around to discover the real charm of Vietnam is great if you have enough time to spare and the discomfort does not matter you much. Splendors of Vietnam and Cambodia 17D-16N

A chance to talk with Vietnamese people

Not only the best choice for travelers on a tight budget, bus also gives you a chance to get off at any destinations and stay as long as you want. Even though, bus cannot offer you a trip as comfortable as train, it is still one of the most popular modes of transportation in Vietnam. Traveling by public buses is also an idea worth considering for those who want to see thoroughly a certain place and get a closer insight into the daily life of local people. If you want to talk with local residents in not English but Vietnamese, what can be a better way to practice your skills than a bus ride? Generally, buses in Vietnam are in reasonable size and shape, so it is not difficult to communicate with locals. Just give your partners a smile and start your conversation in the most natural way.

Tips for first time bus-goers in Vietnam

Never wave a bus along the way

For your own safety reasons, do not wave a bus along the way but buy bus tickets from registered booths of reputable companies inside the bus terminals. Hoang Long, Hanh Café, Mai Linh, Viet Thanh and Sinh café are some reliable brands to mention.

Research well in advance to know which bus to get on

There are loads of buses at bus station

There are loads of buses at bus station- source: internet

Can you imagine how terrible it is when you are standing among ocean of buses of different companies running on different routes. Everything will get worse if you do not know Vietnamese. Moreover, most staff working at Vietnam’s bus station and on Vietnamese buses cannot speak English well, even if they want, they cannot help you.

Have a of paper with your final destination written on

If you do not have careful preparation, it is highly recommended to bring with you a piece of paper with your final destination written on. When coming to the ticket booth, let’s show it to get a ticket for a bus journey. Moreover, as a foreign traveler, when arriving in a destination in Vietnam, you will definitely be hassled for accommodation. To avoid it, just have the name of your wanted hostel ready.

Never leave belonging unattended

Never leave your belongings unattended

Never leave your belongings unattended- source: internet

Security is also one thing to take into consideration. Never leave your bag out of your sight.

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